a shoulder too cold for you to cry on

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why is he so happy

Jesus Christ he just gave birth let him have his moment

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are2dtoo asked: the marijuana in his system could have affected his reaction time, meaning that if the officer told him to turn around & he took too long to do so, the cop could have gotten impatient & shot him


I want you to think about what you just said.

"Do you ever wish you had a second chance to meet someone for the first time?"

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I just sent this to Drakes dad and I am CRYING



This Guy Set Up His Camera To Make it Look Like Statues Taking Selfies

On a recent trip to the Crawford Art Gallery in Cork, Ireland, reddit user Jazsus_ur_lookin_well came up with a fun photo series by setting up his camera to make it look like statues were taking selfies.

Aside from the staff giving you weird looks, it’s a funny way to bridge the past with the present.

  1. Hamo Thornycroft, Teucer”
  2. "Belvedere Apollo"
  3. "Agesandros and Poloydoros Athendoros"
  4. ""The Fighting Gladiator" (c. 1816)

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